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All of our dehumidifiers have a fused disconnect or an internal breaker to protect our equipment and your power source from
any electric surges or other instances where something could
be damaged.

Our desiccant dehumidifiers include:

  • Portability - light weight and small aluminum cabinet
  • Advanced Silica Gel desiccant wheel
  • Process and reactivation fan with circuit breaker
  • Electric and/or gas reactivation
  • Fused disconnect / breaker protection
  • Watlow for advanced controls
  • Fork pockets on side and end for easy access
  • Weather proof control panel
  • Easy access to controls and components
  • Supply and return transition
  • Full perimeter chain drive or belt drive
  • Six performance tests before release for any project
  • Minimum maintenance with 24 hour support

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3 views of a desiccant dehumidifier
Model No.Power RequirementsDimensionsWeight
DH-2000480 Vthree-phase55 A5 ft3 ft6 ft904 lbs
DH-3500480 Vthree-phase60/80 A8 ft4 ft7 ft800 lbs
DH-6500480 Vthree-phase100/150/170 A13 ft5 ft7 ft1500/3000 lbs
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