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Dehumidification Technologies, LP, (DH Tech) was established in 1993 in Houston, Texas, USA. We have been satisfying our customers since the business opening and will continue to improve our business to keep them satisfied for years to come. Our team here at DH Tech has over 40 years of experience in the industry including one of the founders for the use of temporary dehumidification. Our team consists of Ken Armstrong (Owner and General Manager), Brian Battle (Co-owner and General Sales Manager), Rusty Burch (Operations Manager), along with a sales, technical, and administrative staff to take care of our customers.

DH Tech's corporate office and company is located in Houston, Texas, USA in addition to five other USA offices which are located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Paulina, Louisiana, Long Beach, California, San Francisco, California, Wilmington, Delaware, Norfolk, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois. Twenty-four-hour "on call" service guarantees they will be on the job anywhere in the United States within forty-eight hours, after necessary approvals are received, to begin the job.

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DH Tech has rented, sold, and serviced our equipment all over the world. We can sell equipment or supply rental equipment to any country in the world today. We have experience doing work in six of the seven continents across the globe which includes North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. In 2010, DH Tech opened up two new offices near Sidney and Melbourne, Australia.

At DH Tech, we believe in "Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today" for our customers. With DH Tech, drying is not a "blowing in the wind" situation. The use of precise psychometrics, material density data and the known effects of ambient conditions, enables DH Tech to take command of any project. The successful completion of thousands of projects has proven that "you have to have control before you can take control", and DH Tech can take control of any drying situation.



DH Mfg's management team are active members of NACE International and the Coating Society of the Houston Area. These organizations assist DH Mfg's management team in staying knowledgeable of the latest expertise and standards of corrosion prevention and control. Ken Armstrong served as one of the 2009 Board of Directors and Brian Battle has served as the 2009 Vice-President and the 2010 President for the Coating Society of the Houston Area.

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